Tried to be friends, used words

Written, spoken, sung

You ignored me and that

Means one thing, this thing

Is not meant to be.


You don’t understand how I love

You’re still back with the nightmare people

Invited you into my light, the dream

Where together we’d face those purple mountains

More bruised than majestic but full of promise


I thought we’d be mutual Muses

Women don’t have Muses, you think?

If you deny a Muse to a woman

You deny her the title of Poet


You promised to put the pen in my hand

When the lines came

Even if we were wrapped together

Facing the night

Instead, you chose the molasses of time

Sticking you flat to what once was


One day the past will suddenly arise

Shake off the good and the bad

Looping through the mind

And finally skitter into the future

Tense-ness of life

But age waits for no one…


© 2014 ViataMaja


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