Noon dark sky

Motion detector light

Blazing through the water drape

Feel like an ant

Creeping along a plugged up

Tub overflowing onto the floor


Strobing sky similar to Sixties’

“Happenings” while

Thunderous bass drum

Drowns out the plucking

Of life’s electronic harmony.


Fire-crackling lightning

What B. Franklin heard

While sailing his kite and key

Wiping out the air con, WIFI,

Necessities of distraction

On long, hot days


Fireworks zzzzttttt….

Thor throwing bolts

At a tin trailer

Lights gone inside

Motion detector asleep now


Darkness not cooling

Heat and humidity snakes

Into the shelter

Subverting the computer

Beads of sweat gather

On my forehead

No water well works without



Where’s that heart-healthy dark chocolate?


© 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas


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