Hunting was traded for an herb garden

Civilizing ploy, hoping to win

A matching diamond for the solitaire

Swapping solitude for an earth-bound twin

Herbs craved nourishment

Water dammed, yet how easy to cleave

Dead tree flowing through the stream

So grateful to finally leave

Feathers drifted from above

Monogamous birds nesting in tall pines

The air, blue backdrop for clouds

The sun and moon part of the designs

A fire of warming embers

Steadily began to grow

A fire raged between them

Faces now aglow

So many reasons to curl up and die

A landslide of unprovable facts

Yet holes of the thudding heart

May be sealed with paraffin wax

Loneliness has an



Keeps relationships afloat

© 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas


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