NATURE COUPLETS (for future poems)

While searching for a nautilus

I found a wad of ambergris

Reminding me of a sperm whale

Flipping its mammalian tail

Mysterious depths of the sea

Engulfing leviathan’s glee

Churning the giant’s bowels to give

A substance used as an additive.

Back yard a miniature Jurassic Park

Geckoes scurry to the song of the lark

Heading for cover, so many treks

Me, like Tyrannosaurus Rex

Towering above and stomping around

Trying not to harm the activity on the ground

Too much carnage underfoot

Poor guys run, so hard-put

Bad karma on my black-booted soles

The earth trembles as they seek safe holes

Added stress from Stegosaurean dogs

Poking their noses between fallen logs

It is really quite opposite with trees

The trunk is strong, doesn’t bend in the breeze

On the other hand, leaves are lovely and wave

Tall and stately like a church’s nave

But the trunk we can lean against and hug

And glow in the roots like a lightning bug

While branches wildly grasping in a hurricane

Violate the loveliness and become profane

Abetting the destruction of the wind

Making us wish we had not over-lumbered and sinned.


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