DILEMMA (Haiku Stack)

A lifetime hippie

Love and peace my religion

Until one sad day

Found myself alone

On the edge of a forest

In a Fifth Wheel home

A woman friendless

No matter her politics

Should protect herself

Karate brown belt

No match for powerful men’s

Upper body strength

I want you to know

Rapists and home invaders

No hesitation!

Thirty-eight Special

Never afraid to use it

NRA hippie

A sixties motto:

The personal is always

The political

Yes, I am vegan

Yes, I hug my mighty Oaks

I am hippie, but

Turn the other cheek?

Hell no! I refuse to go!

Love, peace and safety

Tell me who I am

Life is neither black nor white

I will stand and fight!

© 2014 ViataMaja


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