Once upon a time

Saturday nights were so special

Important to have a date

If not, then not a time to go to the movies

With friends

So all the dated ones

Wouldn’t see we were dateless

Once upon a time

New Year’s Eves were so special

Important to have a date

And either a private party

Or club or restaurant to attend

With a date, of course

There was one year that I didn’t

Have a date

I stayed home alone

Watching the ball fall

On TV, live, from

New York City

I cried

Wrote fantastic poetry

Now lost from countless moves over the years

(That’s why I can claim it was fantastic poetry

Who will know now that it is gone?)

Once upon a time

I had huge hopes

Important plans

But each succeeding year

I lopped off a few ideas

From the totem pole

Depicting an expected life

I did end up being a warrior

Didn’t always win

But managed to still stand

And look life in the eyes

I suppose, if we can brave it out

Without hurting ourselves too much

Without hurting others

Then that is more important than dates

And hopes and plans

Good to be able to do it all, though

But if not, hey,

Turn on the music and dance…

© 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas


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