Florida, for once, giving us rain

Without the dramatics of thunder

And lightning layering the skies

Yard needs mowing

Dozens of Live Oak saplings

Choking, struggling in competition

For the sun and rain with the greedy mother trees

Dripping water from their epiphytic Spanish Moss

Nourishing their own roots

Steady, steady, what to do?

Back yard canopy shelters my elliptical

I pedal to nowhere

Giving the gift of calories

To the heavy metal mechanical machine

As I watch the

Swamp trees glory in the shower

Ignoring the

Sleepy sun behind the grayscale backdrop

Blues playlist adds to the mood:

“Different Shades of Blue”

“French Blues”

“Les Blues des Routes”

“Recherche d’Acadie”

“Ball and Chain”

“I Put A Spell On You”

Ending with

“St. James Infirmary”

Paraphrased for a female singer:

“Let him go, let him go, God bless him

Wherever he may be”

Me, trees, rain, blues

Today is a good day to cry…

(c) 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas


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