Month: December 2014


stray dogs creative commons

Pass the baby around

Take turns rocking and lullabying

Give a break to the new mother

Just a small but subtle kindness

Women do for each other.


Open the hood of a car

Men wander out of their homes

Shuffling to the tune of the Pied Piper of motor oil

Staring at the engine

Offering their advice as if to a brother

The male version of kindness to each other.


Children can be disturbingly mean

Yet if one is crying, an innate understanding surfaces

A desire to aid their fellow toddler

Who screams as if about to smother

As their compassion resonates from one to another.


Dogs who dislike each other

Will temporarily forgive and huddle around the loner

The one cowering from lightning or fire crackers

As they remember the pack rule

Of sister and brother.


Are we tribal sociopaths? Or are we capable of

Love and compassion for each other?

The pack is the clue, whether human or not

Revealing a generosity of spirit

That we joyfully rediscover.


© 2014 ViataMaja, Poezija



Big Dipper on by Miguel Clara

So thirsty, I dipped the sky

Received a lusty dose of

Dying stars and darkness

Shadow and fading light

Promises pouring out of a broken ladle

Unaccountably unable to scoop up the most

Nourishing part of the soup…


© 2014 ViataMaja, Poezija

(Image: Miguel Clara,




winter solstice

Elegant customs adopted by most world cultures for a fortuitous Biteder Rat:


Vibrant clothes and lustrous boots

Honey dripping from fried melija corn

Candles glittering to light our way

After meditating in Neolithic darkness

A tranquil universe is born.


Chants and poems echoing

With a new moon making visible

Stars and planets joining Orion

In his nightly romp up high

Through the speckled night sky

Venus, Mars, Pleiades

(Those seven sisters smiling upon us).


Sacred herbs and evergreen

Red berries and dandelion wine

Crystals clear, crystals colorful

To remind us of the coming year.


Shortest day, longest night

A rebirth for the Earth

Reversal of the sun’s ebbing

The flow of life, a solar delight

A time to celebrate the Solstice

A word that means “Stand Still.”



Shuffle the Drom Ek Romani

My Way of One Gypsy cards

For guidance in the pristine year

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Nothing new yet nothing to fear.


The meaning of this celebration?

Above all, love and peace

Cease all war and hatred

Send out only the kindest thoughts

Into the winter aethers

May they permeate the unity

Of the circle that is Earth…


© 2014 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) Parallel Universe Cafe and Other Poems


ask me

Ask me after coffee in the light of day

I’m pretty sure I know what I will say

Ask me when the sun no longer fights

The magic of the moon-drenched nights

Ask me when our double-sized eyes can see

What we truly love between you and me

Ask me, oh please, in perfect love

Your words filling the sky above

Ask me and I will answer…


(C) 2014 ViataMaja, Poezija


What power have words

That they linger long after

The utterer dies?

Taking hold of a paper

Or a virtual page

Or grasping the very air

Like talons stuck in the fabric of

A collection of gases.

Since words echo through time

Curses must also

Even if the curser dies

Yet, if life changes for the better

Can it be? Did the curse expire too?

Or did we wander into a parallel universe?

Maybe we are really catatonic, in a padded cell

But living a fantasy life of love and perfection

Dreaming our microcosm?

The nature of reality

Is deplorably confusing

Perhaps that is why we should not be fearful

Should just follow our heart

Bravely do what we are meant to do

Toughen our skins and ASK for what we want

Do, and if it doesn’t work

Do again

Until it becomes a living dream.

(It doesn’t matter if you ask for something impossible

But try not to let it matter if you don’t get it)

© 2014 ViataMaja, Poezija


Whipping wind

Stalactitic snow

Pushing conestogas

Through the Sierra Nevadas

Blinded by nature

But what is the true nature

Of man?

Whom did they choose:

The kindest

Translated in their minds as

The weakest

Later known as the Donner Party

Freezing and self-righteous and starving

Those without a drop of compassion

Those unable to figure out the horror

Of their actions

Chose the weakest

Chose the kindest

Sacrificed others to fulfill their need of the day

Is kindness a desirable trait, then?

Kindness has a delicious odor

A cotton candy sweetness

That tastes so good…

© 2014 ViataMaja, Poezija


Midnight dreams invite the wanderer

To tread a confusing landscape

Yet each step is somehow safe

Although nothing compares to

Dawn dreams, waking dreams

Where we weave through fog

Precariously stepping

Into a familiar landscape of

Greens, browns and a touch of red

Beauty in sleeping safely

Beauty in cognizant danger

Trancing through life’s illusions…

© 2014 ViataMaja, Poezija

Image: My wildflowers in fog