Whipping wind

Stalactitic snow

Pushing conestogas

Through the Sierra Nevadas

Blinded by nature

But what is the true nature

Of man?

Whom did they choose:

The kindest

Translated in their minds as

The weakest

Later known as the Donner Party

Freezing and self-righteous and starving

Those without a drop of compassion

Those unable to figure out the horror

Of their actions

Chose the weakest

Chose the kindest

Sacrificed others to fulfill their need of the day

Is kindness a desirable trait, then?

Kindness has a delicious odor

A cotton candy sweetness

That tastes so good…

© 2014 ViataMaja, Poezija

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  1. Today winter winds are blowing sharply but I don’t mind. Kindness around me has ” a cotton candy sweetness that tastes so good”. Clarissa ,you’ve closed your poem with a beautiful image.

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