corvus constellation

Couldn’t find Orion’s belt at three

He’d moved

The sky was unfamiliar

As if I observed it from another planet

Another galaxy

If it wasn’t for the moon

I’d have panicked

Where are you Orion?

Too soon for you to disappear

Into the Western sky

You didn’t even say goodbye

Got out my planisphere

To decipher the stars

That took over your space

In the Southern sky

Doesn’t it figure?

The constellation Corvus is

Lording it over the misplaced hunter

Corvus, meaning Crow


In Romanes

Crow decimated all my red and brown Cardinals

This summer

Crow so big from an all-meat diet

I tried talking to Korako

Asking it to leave

It cackled, caw-cawing

But now it mocks me from the sky

Twinkling from oh, so high

Orion’s knife

His bow

Useless against the insidiousness of Corvus

As above, so below

The winner is the Crow…


© 2015 ViataMaja, Poezija



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