17-Vurdon disk lg px


I’ll bind you to me

Bind you to the end of time

And what is beyond

(old Romani binding farmeko/enchantment)



No rhyme, no song, no words of love

Can force you here with me

But once you show an interest

You are in danger (as you will see)


No dark words needed for the universe

No bat wings or herbal tea

Nor glossy raven’s feathers

Fluttering between leaves of a tree


The look in your eyes, the thoughts in your mind

Create the magic that will guarantee

The acquiescence to come together

While impressions and bodies remain free



Come into my vurdon, my mysterious wagon

Let’s move through a throbbing portal

Life was meant to be loved to the fullest

Bestowing us with a desire to be immortal


Somersaults invoke a magical change

Catapulting from cellar to attic

If living in a one-floor caravan

Movements tend to become less dramatic


Timeless, airless astral plane of silence

A mist waiting to be lifted away

Here I am, drifting, attached by a cord

Weightless, with no effort, I float and sway


Join me in this one-time trip

Hold tightly while waltzing among the stars

Bound together for evermore

To the music of violins and guitars


© 2015 ViataMaja, Poezija

(image: Disk 17 Vurdon from my Drom Ek Romani ©)


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