(another disgruntled commentary re “soul mate” search)



Mind frog-leaping around

The blistering galaxy

Fire comes


Immediately burns away all

Nothing left

What’s the sense in that?

No one there

To say, “Yes”


At times, each day

Was like a billion years of life

Evolutionary cycle teaching me

To trust no one

Earth smothers

Choking all existence away

Burying truth

And mistakes

No voice left

To say, Yes”


Spontaneous rain

Insidious Water of gray

Like a breaking

Foamy wave

Over and over

Eroding the sand

Wearing all away

Until one says, “Yes”



Sky lightly peppered with crows

Air gently blows

Flows like water

Warms like fire

Blankets like earth

Perhaps, perhaps…?

“Yes!” says Air for me


(c) 2015 ViataMaja


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