While looking at the photograph of

The Governor with mad-like eyes

I hear him saying, Jim Jonesingly,

(As if the year is once again 1978)

“Go ahead, drink the Kool-Aid. Trust me”

Perhaps it is my over-active imagination

But I confess, I do obsess, over others’ eyes


His state’s Department of Environmental Protection

Is not permitted to use the words

“Climate Change” or “Global Warming”

Strange, I thought 1984

Occurred 31 years ago?


His state is my state

I did not vote for him

His ideas do not align with mine

Can this be considered

Taxation without representation?


One would think that the

Peninsular state’s vulnerability

To storm surges and rising sea levels

Would encourage leaders to

Embrace the opportunity

To study land protection

Instead of waging war

Over semantics

Knowledge is what we seek

Why has the debate shifted to buzz words?


“Always look to the eyes,”

My Romani Gran insisted

Hectic, hypnotic insistence

Can be silently sensed

And that is the time

To turn away

For nothing can change

What those eyes see

What lies those eyes

Send to the brain

No, nothing will change…


(c) 2015 ViataMaja