When the first fish

Walked out of the water

On newly-formed limbs

The ferns and trees

Must have clucked

Blaming these new mutations

On vaccinations

An adaptive immunity

Present in the seas

On affected chromosomes

From chemical run-off

Into the water

Now that there is an

“Alarmingly” high incidence

Of autism,

And being HFA

On the spectrum


I cannot help wondering

Whether we are the

Next evolutionary step

Is it just time

For a change in humanity?

Like a new human

Who is unable to understand

The expressions on the faces of others

Yet is also unable to lie

Like a new human

Who seems alien

(So alienated we are)

Yet intelligent “savants”

Who have often brought

Gifts as important as Prometheus’

Fire to mankind

Will we someday be labeled

(Our genus and species)

By binomial nomenclature

As Homo autistica

Rather than Homo sapiens?

Just wondering…


© 2015 ViataMaja


      1. I don’t think you have enough homo autistica followers!!! By the way I like the feminine ending on autistica if that was done on purpose. Women are 51% of the population after all 🙂 so it’s only logical 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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