dog playing violin unidentified from pinterest

“Awooooo” howl my dogs

As fire sirens scream

I wonder what they hear

As I struggle out of my dream.


To me, it’s just a siren

A cacophonic stream

But the dogs are distressed

And continue the sound’s theme.


Violins somewhat mirror

A human’s vocal sound

I wonder what I hear

When the music is profound.


The minor key especially

In our hearts does resound

How does melancholy manage

To seize us and astound.


Do my dogs feel the intensity

Invoked by a minor key?

The disappointment in life

When we discover we are not free?


World weariness is biological

Ceaselessly encouraging insanity

Musical minors—opposite of sirens

Both reminiscent of life’s profanity.


© 2015 ViataMaja


IMAGE: Unidentified Pinterest Image