Seems like the bees and birds brought us here

Some of us air-lifted by the stereotypical stork

Wrapped in a pink or blue bundle

Some of us ushered in by an owl

Predatory? Wise? Symbolism defined by culture

Some of us carried by Disney-esque blue birds

Twittering to the musical words: the promise of dreams coming true

Some of us thrown through the sky by pterodactyls

Into a maelstrom of volcano spurting hellish ash.


The mystery continues as we fight for survival

Depending upon the people locked away with us

In boxes of various sizes, amenities and care

Do we dare share what secrets occur in families?

Neither social class, race, religion nor color matters

The luck of the conveyance, climbing onto the back

Of the correct bird, determines our future

For good or bad, we are prisoners until mad, or old enough

To go into the world alone; no one can stop us then


Some of us rise above the nurture, or lack thereof

Even in the same family, differences abound

Sometimes that matters when the next generation

Hops helter-skelter on the back of a delivery bird

Cousins come via all those Audubon book descriptions

And nestlings begin their education sometimes on a higher plane

Moving from owl to stork or a majestic Sand Hill crane

Some of us slip from Disney-esques to pterodactyls

Giving in to the fire obstructing the air.


Life somehow is not fair, yet the beat always goes on…


© 2015 ViataMaja