cardboard house

I would live in a cardboard box with you

(If it had a shower and, yeah, an air conditioner too)

We could share a sleeping bag night and even day

Because, my love, life is meant to be a stairway

Not the one that goes to heaven, glittering with gold

Happiness will not come even if we’re bankrolled

There is no joy being part of the acquisition society

Nothing to learn when money determines our life’s journey

The stairway is part of our movement through time

We can slide down the steps or go for the climb

Perhaps our moods would mirror the up-down direction

Yet I truly believe not, because love is perfection

So come be my kindred spirit in a cardboard box of love

Earth and Water below, Air and Fire above

Like the elements we’ll create an unparalleled match

A mixture of balance strengthened by a crosshatch

You enhance the days and nights with your passion

Your daily care for everyone shows compassion

So if all we need is love, as the Beatles assert

Why do we keep our beautiful life covert?

© 2015 ViataMaja


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