REPOST: My Birthday Sonnet (The Sixties)

girl-before-a-mirror picasso lg px

I am a smooth-skinned, slender sylph of youth
I am only seventeen, you must know
Someone cursed the mirror (I speak the truth)
With a horrid image of an old crow!

Someone said my mind must be mildly cursed
If I cannot discern reality
But as an Aries I meet life head first
So numbers are a triviality.

The mind holds the past, a young effigy
Sixties is not an age, it’s a decade
Where I choose the date when aesthetically,
I roamed through those mists as a lovely maid…

Rock out with Jimi and Janis today!
The self-bestowed present for my birthday!

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens

(Image: Girl Before A Mirror, Picasso)