trestles @ creek mineral bluff 2

A photo will not show

Vacation highlights because

How does a camera capture low humidity

A breathable phenomenon

For those who wade through weather

In, for example, the state of Florida?

How to take a picture of utter silence

Broken only by a dog’s bark

Or the crack of a rifle

(My fear I stifle)

Unaware family of deer moving across

The forest floor pocked with

The pecking of wild turkeys

We cautiously find our lost path

Forest giving way to civilization

Dogwoods shelter my dogs from the woods

As we tramp across a wooden bridge

Twenty feet–no handrails–above a frantic creek

Of rushing water like a loud bully

As it pushes over a collection of rocks

Here near Mineral Bluff (Georgia) Depot

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

But all we find are the remnants of

Rotting railroad trestles

Recycled as natural planters

Raging creek rapids a daily garden hose

At last, the cabin with an indoor

Scent like a forest of fresh wood

Though wet dog odor proves

Nature’s aroma is no match

This power spot is also situated in

Cherokee County, North Carolina

We drive through the American blandness of Murphy

With its identical fast food restaurants and stores

Only to find out that it was once the sorrowful

Start of the Trail of Tears

The site of the Cherokee Removal

When the tribes were forced to move

West of the Mississippi River

I shed tears for them and other forced marches

Even in my own ethnic nightmare of the Second World War

The breakaway state of Transnistria

A place where the Roma and Sinti

(Members of my family)

And Ukrainian and Roumanian Jews

Were deported to their death like the Native Americans

And so many countless groups on our beautiful Earth

But we are a luckier generation

We get into the car and drive to

Copper Hill, Tennessee to see a mine full of arsenic

Eating away at a town of unfriendly people

We thought we would move there, the reason for our trip

But no, too much heartbreak and suffering permeate the air

We stop to see the TVA dam that powers all but my WIFI and cell phone

Two useless-in-the-mountains pieces of technology

Teasing me, not allowing me to communicate

How spoiled I am! Not forced marched out of my homeland

Just forced to be without social media for a few days…

None of it matters, of course, because

The power of four seasons (instead of two)

In a three-state section of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Tempts me by awakening the desire to leave

The impossible temperatures of Florida

To begin a new life

Will I?

© 2015 ViataMaja


  1. Did you move? I have a deep affinity for the Blue Ridge Mountains. My mother grew up in Nashville and we visited my grandparents every summer. Every vacation would find us in some part of the Blue Ridge…Tennessee, North Carolina and on to Virginia. Even though I have since discovered the wonders of Colorado, the Blue Ridge still call my name!


    1. Oh, how wonderful that you at least spent summers in the Blue Ridge Mountains! No, never moved. Stuff happens, relationships sometimes change, but I think about the beauty most days and wonder if I’ll ever return, at least for a vacation. Thank you for asking! I can imagine how dramatically lovely Colorado is and wish you joy there…


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