Kabukis were originally female prostitutes

Most women fit that description

Even married ones

Even ones with our own career

Singing, Dancing, Acting

For the dollar

Really brought home when aging

Face with lines carved by a hard life

Like a Kabuki Theatre Mask

Etchings worsened by makeup

Prized high cheekbones

Make shallow pools under eroded eyes

As if wearing John Lennon specs

Naturally rounded

Incised lines in fragile, declining skin

The nose is a nose

Larger with age

But the mouth

Despite years of smiling

(As I tap danced for work supervisors,

Lovers, husbands, friends)


Feel like the Bride of Chucky

Still under the spell of the ventriloquist

Tell me what to say

My Kabuki face is all

Lines, lines, lines

I’m no longer a child, yet (like my teen years)

Despite the creases

Despite the inevitability of real health problems

That may appear

I’m still looping about my face…

© 2015 ViataMaja

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