The past allows for re-entry

It is never the same as the first time

Yet it remains impossible to change

Nudging open the door, entering a bygone time

We move about the silent scene

Merely unwanted apparitions

Why do we return?

Why can we not let some things fade?

Some memories are not worth saving

But they push through like

Horror corpses in cemeteries

Zombies of time demanding to be fed

Wish I could live in the now

But the now is made up of the then

And the future obscenely awaits us…

© 2015 ViataMaja

IMAGE: St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Astrological Clock


  1. It would be good if we could choose to only see the part of the past we could enjoy living through again – and so often we do, but other memories follow through that cause great pain because we can finally see the mistakes we made that caused ourselves and others great pain because of the acts that had foolish consequences. But did we learn from it? Did we accept responsibility from what this memory showed us? Or do we still pretend it wasn’t

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  2. Good questions, SonniQ. I want to say, “YES! I LEARNED!” but not so sure when I start looping stuff or recognizing old-timey behavior. Still, we try. That must count for something?


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