letter-v NASA

It was written in the Earth

Under the composted terrain

Carved into the crust

Breaking through to the damp sand

In between the leaves of trees

Branches blowing upward

Allowing letters to fly


It was written in the Water

As it bubbled up

Pulsing through the grit, becoming

An underground ocean of crashing waves

Caught in the whirling waterspouts

Vortex connecting sea and sky

The letters fly


It was written in the Air

Tossed across the racing clouds

Cottony words appearing

To all who lifted eyes to the skies

Into outer space, visible in the darkest night

Between Corvus and Orion and The Dipper

Letters lying quietly in their orbit


It was written in the Fire

Silvery reflection

From the solar system star

Seared into the cavernous craters

Seen in cascading lava

Or in subduction zones of tectonic plates

Cooling into legible letters


Names are written

Entwined like moon-struck hearts

An Akashic Record of twin souls

An inseparable destiny

And in dreams that rarely come

I see our names, together

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: NASA (Letters in Space)


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