finger fret exercise

My little finger

Will not stay on the fourth fret

Train with rubberbands?

© Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)



  1. A friend of mine got mad at me because my fingers hit the right spots on the cello at one go. She is a violist and swears that is the hardest part to pin down. My fingers are long and used to be piano fingers but now, I realise what they were designed for. Best of luck with strumming. Loved the next song you wrote, by the way. I could hear the melody coming out on the end consonants. xo

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  2. Wonderful story! Have you made any Youtube videos? Would love to see and hear you. Or are you selling any CDs? Thanks about the next song. I keep writing songs in G, C D because most of the folksongs are in those chords. I really need to learn music, though. Must confess, I make up my own chords because I still can’t get my little finger to stretch ❤


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