air potato vines

Florida nemesis: Dioscorea bulbifera

AKA air potatoes

Took India’s advice

Boiled them to see if bitterness

Removed, rendering them edible

But no, these are not the yams

I know and love

Vines resembling Kudzu

A nutritious root

Although likewise invasive

But no, just air potatoes

Laughing at the government

“Management Plan”

Continue to choke garden plants

Felling Live Oaks


Serial killers stalking

(Pun intended?)

My sheltering yard

Working on the trees and bushes

Lining the swamp

Where my wild birds sleep

And feast on suet

The good news?

Those other serial killers of nature


Have discovered the tastiness of

Air potato fronds

Decimating the leaves

Leaving them lacy-looking

Each day I cheer them on

About time they leave my

Collard greens and pumpkins

Corn and ginger


And kill something


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


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