See lightning flash

Count until the

Crack of thunder

Is heard

Divide by five

That is how to calculate

How many miles I stand

From where lightning struck

How many miles, but also

What made me select you

When there are different types:

Sheet, cloud-to-ground

Ground-to-cloud, Intracloud


I wonder while

Waiting for the strike

Dreading the pain

How much will it hurt?

Is it better to hide


Than take the chance

Of sky-soaring


Sizzling among the flashes

Elated by the sight

Excited by the might

Emotional, death-defying


Chancing electrocution of the heart?

Or is it better to bury it

Under the floorboards

Stay inside

Avoid the lightning

At all cost?

Either equates to the end…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)