apollo 11

Hot July day with

Our first color TV

Tuned to the moon

Wow! The moon!

Humans landing on the moon!

Walking on the moon!

The moon and I have a history

No matter her phase

She is my comfort and my light

Even when dark

I did not feel she was being violated

As Neil Armstrong bounced along her

Silent craters

Even when the flag penetrated

Her virgin soil.

Just 21 and legal

Able to vote and buy wine

Married a few months

Lying on the floor

Bottle of Mateuse Rose

Box of water colors as

Face painting dripped

Below the neck

Dribbling between breasts

Painted with red roses

Continuing past the navel’s crater of skin

Down, down, Dave Van Ronk singing

“Baby let me follow you down…”

Marriage so beautiful in its youth

Like a space program that showed so much promise…

© 2014 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Poetry of Memory: Six Decades From the Space-Time Continuum


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