ACT OF CREATION (composed my first ukulele song for one of my poems)

ukulele 1

The scent of music

Unlike the yeast of bread

That sets the stomach growling

Unlike the taste of honey

That brings celebration to the taste buds

Unlike the soothing herbs

That heal from a cup of health

The scent of music

Unique, all-powerful

Breathing life into the

Simplest poems

Fueling words and thoughts

As strings are pressed

Against the frets

Strummed and plucked

Music is the missing ingredient

Supplement to a healthier life

It is more than

Bread, honey, water-drenched herbs

It is the creator of joy and sadness

It is a backdrop to vitality

Enriching our inner life

Enlarging our spirit

Music is life…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


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