SOME LIFE NUMBERS (poetic fragment)

free clock image european city

40 and weighing 95

Harmonious numbers

Able to do karate

Quickly rising from

Belt 1 to 4

Boat in the Gulf

Heading for an island

Water no more than 4 feet

Baby Hammerhead swimming

Around our submerged knees as we

Tow the tin boat toward

A small island, visible from

Green Key

Me, only 5 feet

Not even worried that the

Green Gulf floor will

Suddenly dip down

And this city now country woman

Who didn’t learn to swim until 12

Will have to call upon ancient

Brain paths

That etched the directions

Along with how to ride a bicycle

Or walk and chew concurrently

Not even worried whether

She can swim or float

20 years after the last dive in a pool

Because 40 is beautiful and strong and wise

40 is still immortal

But I am blind to HIM


Who smiles down

At the happy, youthful and carefree

TIME winks (oh, I hate winkers)

TIME claims me for his

Laughingly chanting

Wait until you are 50

And beyond…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


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