Oh, Orpheus, come to me

I am Eurydice

Needing a poem of such beauty

That Hades will set me free

Challenge of the poet:

Creating words that resonate nakedly

In a world where visuals and auditories

Instantly gratify by using

Music or illustration

What chance does the simple word have?

Ancient bards sang their work

Strong voices kept the listeners listening

A YouTube video is a modern substitute

Memorable lyrics used since language began

Poetry, word painting

Clearer with illustration

Older books included pictures

Today, we Photoshop a VanGogh

Enhancing the poetry experience

Nudging the imagination of the reader

Is it possible in modern times

To reach others merely with words?

Once, only a select few read

Now, everyone—almost—reads

How to write for each audience?

Orpheus, you led us to be free

But turned around to look at me

And once again I vanished by Hades’ decree

Was I not to be loved as much as your poetry?

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)



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