(scroll down for Shania Twain’s YouTube Video)


He proposed marriage

After only a few weeks

She made one request

An insurance policy

Based on the past:

A Black-Eyes- Blue-Tears kit

Just a pouch to be hidden

With enough cash

To be used

Only in the case of


Enough cash to buy

A one-way airline ticket to


Enough cash to buy

A week at the Motel 6

Enough cash to dine for a week at

The local Chinese Take-out

Enough cash to pay for the

First month, last month and security deposit

On a modest studio apartment

So how much was the total?

Nowhere near the cost of a diamond ring

That she refused when offered

(He offered verbally

Never thinking that a ring

Wrapped in a velvet box

Placed on a dessert plate

To be found during a romantic dinner

Might be tempting)

Just a way to not have to stay if things became


He refused

On the grounds of


A self-fulfilling prophecy

So, then, did she…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Degas, L’Absinthe

Youtube video: Shania Twain, Black Eyes Blue Tears https://youtu.be/xjCEy1eVaHc




    1. Thank you secretangelps911. I see that you have a site about abuse. Looking forward to reading it. Looks like a good resource for people and I sure do appreciate your comments!


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