Life’s reality

Based on unproven beliefs

Is a leap of faith


Who comes in the night

What child is this

Playing with a dollhouse

Trading the figures with friends

Moving them to different situations

Making up scenarios as the night progresses

Where am I?


I dream

Sitting around a dining table

Unrecognizable furniture

With a family never seen

Yet, though no one calls me

Mom or Sis or even Darling

I belong

They are not celebrities

Definitely not my home

But it is my own

Where am I?


I dream

Walking around an Atlantic Ocean seashore

Ships bobbing on frantic waves

Of strong-smelling salt

Yet never been here before

In my waking reality

Where am I?


The child trades me off again

To a troubled one

Who keeps me out of the house

Forcing me to walk down dark alleys

Speeding away from a stalker

My heart races in the night

My mind shouts wake up

Take an aspirin

Instead, I continue running

But the house is gone

Where am I?


Now I am with you

In a blazingly beautiful white room

I know you

But now there are two

Strangers, looking at us

We walk them out the door

The house is on a cliff

We are suddenly beamed to the shore

Like a sci fi special effects movie

Water, wheat fields

In Wyeth-like faded colors

We look up to see

The woman from previously

With a machine gun pointed at me

How can this be?


Oh, to be back in the dining room

With the unknown family

Or waking up in my bed

Is any of it real

Or is it all in my head?


Fantasies and dreams

Have their own reality

Tell me, where am I?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Jamie Wyeth


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