Month: February 2016


(The Wanderer: Lu)


“Success through smallness.
Perseverance brings good fortune
To the wanderer


Ah, the urge to seek knowledge

To travel, once again

Life is leaping into an adventure

Risky, yet rewarding


From the burning city asphalt

To the planet’s desert core

To swampy, humid muck

Finishing in finest, thin-spun mountain air


How I enjoy daring myself

Blaming it on the tossed coins

As I smile in anticipation

For age is a mindset

Until the body catches up

But there is still time…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE & JUDGMENT: I Ching Online


(Ongoing: please note, since we possibly originated in India, it is believed that the Romani would share that country’s cosmogony. After writing the first part of this poem that appeared in one of my previous books, I found this origin myth in Asian Folklore Studies and have used it as a basis for the second part of the poem)


EARTH & SKY (Small part of a larger poem)


She walks around,

A piece of living history

Hair highly teased up

Vintage dress brushing the ground


Without breaking his stride

He drops off a planet as she stargazes

They accidentally meet and she asks

Where were you? Why’d you hide?


They walk, leaning into each other

Nighttime clouds cover the stage

Neon and LEDs light the city path

Welcoming Sky Father and Earth Mother


Love measured by star time

When suns were alive

Light years away showing

Miniature worlds sublime


Eternally he gets to see

The immensity of space and time

Relationships of earth and sky

Nourishing the Universal Tree


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) appeared in

Parallel Universe Café and Other Poems



(based on Rudolf Daniel’s Myths of the Czech Gypsies)


What an unparalleled love

Mother Earth and Father Sky

Until the boys were born and grown

And fought to rule the kingdom above


Sun, Moon, Fire, Wind and Rain

Ruination by five king sons

Earth and Sky held them in

Attempting to force their refrain


But the young men fought back

Afraid they would suffocate

As the parents squeezed them together

Into a stiflingly strong narrow track


Darkness ruled the shadowed space

As Sun, Moon, Fire and Rain weakened

Wind, by far the strongest, won

Escaping from his parents’ embrace


Ripping and roaring, he tore them asunder

Earth and Sky separate forever

Her clothing settled as mountain peaks

And the sons founded realms of wonder


So many lessons we might learn

About love never truly lasting

About children needing to stretch and grow

Yet we sad humans for all this may yearn…


🙂  to be continued  🙂


© Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)






Sun’s zenith

Slow cooker

Tamed the hard shells

Of red beans

Softening for civilization

Introducing them to

Bright red cayennes

Shiny green jalapenos

And solar-grown corn

Birthed in a sandy corner

Of a yard blanketed with

Black cow manure

Tall, proud grain

Evading the larva

Of the stink-bug

Stretching in the rain

Tempering the passions

Of fiery vegetables

Along with Nightshade tomatoes

Kin to the Deadly herb

Meat? What’s chili without

Bobbing bits of the

Greasy treat?

Soy protein extender

Serves the purpose

Buried in the heat

Of the peppers

But the sun smiles sadly

Because the heart

Can no longer tolerate

The central core

Of the divine

Now there is substitution

Any more,

It’s an aging solution…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My luscious cayennes



Two-day old crescent above the

Withlacoochee River hammocks

Not much illumination

Especially for seekers of

Cryptic, everyday


People mysteries

Involving love and life and death

But the hammocks have their own problems

As the sea level rises in this

World of climate change

Trees drown

Fish and wildlife dwindle

So maybe they all seek

Answers in their

Bowers of earth

Castles of overheated water

Crisping nests of dead leaves

No time for love when struggling

To find food and stay alive

We are kin to other species

Suffering alike

On this changing planet

Awaiting illumination

That is in a cycle of deep sleep

How to wake it up…?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Withlacoochee River Hammock



(please see   for the poetry challenge. Great idea, thanks!)


Drinking each other’s blood at the dawn

Lapping ruby red from ring fingers

A damp sheet braiding two twinned bodies


Seemingly silly love ritual

But how else to mingle, she wonders

Passion’s flavors defy intellect


The gods of love demand sacrifice

Hoarded vitality now a gift

In faceted glass bottle of hope


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

*for ninefold dragon’s challenge

IMAGE: cut glass perfume bottle creative commons



Sea of cars

Like a humpback whale convention

Row after row

Speakers dangling off windows

Rolled up, fighting the city mosquitoes

Flinging their bodies against the glass

Humidity glazing the outside windshield

Passion steaming the insides of those big-fin cars

Monsters larger than life stomping across the screen

In black and white

Teen girls

Soon to be called women

When the feminist movement

Roars through the states

Pick their way

To the bathrooms

Why is there always a line for females

But never for males

Are they using the bushes

Behind the stands

“Go on out to the lobby”

Sing the dancing refreshments

Time to wade through mass mayhem

To buy salty, oily popcorn

And sugary colas

Rumored to make girls sexy

If taken with aspirin

The boys stuff dollars

Into the hands of the girls

Who are willing to stand in line

For this treat divine

No escape from the pandemonium

Pushing, laughing

And talk-talk-talking

Most of all

Now back to the car

When the movie continues

What a wondrous place for teens

What a wondrous place for

Pajama-clad babies

Those babies conceived in liberty

At the drive-in movie

So long ago…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Solano drive-in


As you know from my poetry

I am HFA (High Functioning Autistic)

I feel overwhelmed from all the social media

At times

Not all HFA people on the spectrum

Have problems communicating

But I was never good at social chit-chat

Evidently, some of my comments

Have been misinterpreted

So I will no longer make comments

(What a relief)

But I want you to know

That when I click “like”

I truly LIKE your poetry or blogs

When I FOLLOW you

I truly LIKE your poetry or blogs

So please do not feel that my silence

Lack of comments

Has anything to do with your creative offerings

Thank you so much for sharing your writing with me

I will continue to post poetry

Feel free not to comment 🙂

And I will continue to LIKE your work

Peace, love and good health to us all!


IMAGE: Enigma Machine (wish I had one)




I’m a cursed Gypsy

Without the convictions

Of my predictions

Life would be a hell of a lot happier

If we could foresee

Consequences accurately

And make the proper choices


In years past

Presiding over a deck of cards

Adding to the colorful silk diklo

Spread across grass or shag carpet

Or on a scarred kitchen table

Able to say

With authority

This and this and this

Will be

You must do that and that and that

In order to be happy

To be the best

And find the truest outcome

In life

At least for this month

Of questioning


So sure was I

So right

Most nights

Dispensing fortunes


To the aethers

And the anxious ears of others


Only one time did I lie

Reading for a young nursing student

A line of cards that never appeared

In all my years of tarot

A terror of all fourteen Swords

Every one

As if from a newly unshuffled deck

Appearing with every undesirable card

My face, an autistically truthful face

Unable to hide my horror

“What?” she screamed


Oh, suicide, so sure


Why did I lie

Why did I let her through the door

I knew, she suspected

But I was intent on

Smoothing life over

When I should have begged her

To seek professional help

I failed her and said,

“Rough days, they will pass”

Although she was a stranger

And I never saw her again

I’m sure those rough days

Did pass

I’m sure she passed

I missed my chance

To truly help


“Do no harm”

My Gran said

When teaching me

The life of a drabarni

A healer

And that is why I chose

To do no harm

By doing nothing

By rejecting who I am

Who I could have been…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)



(just for fun…)


Playing an instrument

Twittering like the birds

Don’t know the notes

Just mouthing the words


(G, C, D, A minor–Good enough for a gig at the diner)


Like an unknown language

I’m in a vacuum

What did I play

I’m floundering in a flume


(G, C, D, A minor–Country-style song, what a whiner)



Chords are so lovely

Can play, sing and compose

Yet something is missing

Like wandering in shadows



(G, C, D, A minor–Blues song about a love-sick piner)


So time to use my brain

I want to know what to say

Gonna learn the mystery

Of reading notes today


(G, C, D, A minor—Need a good song, nothing could be finer)


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

image: my tenor ukulele



Swore off writing today

Although the middle of the night


Scrawled by cloudy moonlight

Kept coming

Words that are impossible

To decipher

In the aging dawn

Lines of words

Rudely bumping into each other

But no matter

What can I say

That hasn’t been said

Ad nauseum

(A little Latin is good for the soul

And maybe for the battered ego)


What can I say…?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)