Is female loneliness worse than a male’s

We throw ourselves into

Children, pets

Claiming chocolate

Is better than sex

Some may drink or drug


If face and body still intact

Search for that one night stand

That may harbor a

Fairy tale ending

But males

What do they do

To relieve loneliness

Is it true

That females are more

Forgiving of

Wrinkles, gray,

Obesity, baldness

And age

Is it true that the male ego

No matter the age

Demands females

In proportion

The younger

The more envious

Other males are

A prized cachet

Or does loneliness

Make us find excuses

When it really isn’t anything

But our inner, baggage-laden


Pushing away

Any advances

Because the chance of pain

Cannot be tolerated again…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Loneliness, Vimeo, Sad & Sentimental Background Music



  1. It is an exquisite lake but definitely not one of mine. I’m unsure, also, from the credits. Seems to be an album cover but with no credits there, either, unless I missed them 😦


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