Today I stood still so long

In the sun

Under a Live Oak

Producing zero shade

Just a shadow of its trunk

But it was cold

And the sun felt like

What I once imagined

My man would be

After living together for years

Growing old together

Love layering like the eternal wood

From the trunk of the tree

But it never happened for me

Never found the right man

Stood so long in the sun

One of my dogs

Thought I was part of the earth

Tendrilly hair

Competing with the Spanish Moss

Wind surfing

True, I’m not tall

So small

Not fifty feet in the air

But managed to remain

Still and patient

Like a tree

So odd, for me

Stood so long

Eyes closed

Waiting for that tree

To notice me

I think it did

There, there, it said

My dog lifted his leg

Didn’t quite pee on me

(Rottie, always marking his territory)

But he came pretty close

So I snapped my roots

Walked into the shade

Fading back into my favorite


(besides the tree one)

Donning the mask named

“All’s Right With the World”

(See, I’m smiling)

Then an acorn dropped

And I knew

The tree knew

I’m pretty sure…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My Live Oak and another type of tree


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