*Told to me by my father but also based on The Vampire (Gypsy Folk Tales)

(Roumanian-Gypsy Stories)


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Young girls and children stomping vats of vine

Purple stockings licked, enhancing the wine.


Celebrate tonight, dance beneath a star

Work done for the year, head for home afar.


All the girls paired off but Nita has none

Her beauty renowned yet young men do shun.


Phuri Dai watches, her wisdom from age

Til a man appears, Nita now assuaged.


Young arms hold her close, a nip and a bite

Alto scream reveals blood on that first night…


He leaves at cock crow, old sage sees his feet

“Horse’s hooves, Nita, be careful my sweet.”


Nita denies this “No, I did not see”

He is her new love, this happens times three.


Needle and red thread she sticks in his back

Following him home down a dusty track.


He sits in a grave; trembling, she runs home

Night comes, he searches finding her alone.


“Tell me what you saw.” “No, I did not see.”

“Your father I’ll kill” “Saw nothing, kill me.”


He kills her father, returns to the grave

Finds Nita next night who tries to be brave.


“Tell me what you saw.” “No, I did not see.”

“Your mother I’ll kill” “Saw nothing, kill me.”


He kills her mother, returns to the grave

Nita asks for help from her Gypsy slave.


“Here is my money, I shall die tonight

Put a hole in the wall when it is light.


Please don’t carry me over the threshold

Dig in the forest under fresh leaf mold.”


The handsome young man returns in the night

“Tell me what you saw, Death comes at first light.”


“No, I did not see.” He gazes with lust…

The slave finds Nita, neck bloody like rust.


A hole in the wall, a body pushed through

Thresholds forbidden for undead so new.


Apple tree shadows Prince, hunting a boar

Beautiful flower, never seen before.


Prince plucks the flower, takes it to his home

Secure in a vase in his private dome.


The Prince fell asleep not knowing his dream

Would soon become real, invade his bloodstream.


The flower arose from the vase of bane

Turned a somersault, Nita, once again.


She kissed the good Prince, gave love and a bite

At dawn she became the flower so bright.


The Prince knew it not, he awoke so ill

Wise woman sent for, gave parents a pill.


The Prince sleeps that night, dreams of flying free

The same night and day this happens times three.


The father’s plan is to watch the flower

While hidden that night in Prince’s bower.


Parents saw Nita and caught her in snare

The Prince then awoke and saw she was fair.


He freed her in love, Nita the fair maid

Did not change back; alive, she then stayed.


Making a marriage, they drank and they ate

Nita now royal, happy with her fate.


Bore a golden boy, apples in his hand

Birthmark of a prince soon to rule the land.


Chohano, vampire, must see her at night

Jealous of Nita, he craves being right.


“Tell me what you saw.” “No, I did not see.”

“Your son I will kill” “Saw nothing, kill me.”


He kills her young son, returns to his grave

Finds Nita next night who tries to be brave.


“Tell me or I kill the lord you have wed”

“No! God send you burst!” Vampire falls dead.


In blood two feet deep Nita begs her man

To take out the heart, the churchyard’s the plan.


She claws at the dirt and digs up their son

Replacing the heart at last she has won.


She finds her parents, blood used as a bath

All are now alive, nightmare aftermath.


“T’a doi jivena kano mishto.”
(And they live there happily to this day)


YouTube “Nosferatu” by Blue Oyster Cult   https://youtu.be/lUE-dK48Soc


© 2016 Poem copyright Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Public Domain Goth Art Pinterest