As you know from my poetry

I am HFA (High Functioning Autistic)

I feel overwhelmed from all the social media

At times

Not all HFA people on the spectrum

Have problems communicating

But I was never good at social chit-chat

Evidently, some of my comments

Have been misinterpreted

So I will no longer make comments

(What a relief)

But I want you to know

That when I click “like”

I truly LIKE your poetry or blogs

When I FOLLOW you

I truly LIKE your poetry or blogs

So please do not feel that my silence

Lack of comments

Has anything to do with your creative offerings

Thank you so much for sharing your writing with me

I will continue to post poetry

Feel free not to comment 🙂

And I will continue to LIKE your work

Peace, love and good health to us all!


IMAGE: Enigma Machine (wish I had one)



  1. Clarissa I’ve always been happy to read your comments. I have never thought of you in terms of labels. You’re Clarissa. Please continue to ignore anyone who tries to ruin your day. Comment on my blog if you wish. I welcome that. I get misunderstood every day too. It’s not just you. Last week someone misread a comment of mine and it turns out she hadn’t read her own post. It was very offputting. People make mistakes but it’s never your fault. ❤️😘💓

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  2. I so appreciate what you wrote, Sabiscuit (sorry, not sure where to find your name). I really will try to not be so thin-skinned although I’m probably too old to change. Again, much ❤ for your kindness…

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    1. It’s okay to use my alias, or SB. Thank you. I am very thin skinned, so when I see other bloggers going through this, I want to say, “You did nothing wrong” and hope that we will continue to support each other. Warm hugs. ❤

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  3. I wanted to comment on your “Pandora’s… Daughter” but I remembered you took out the comment section. Well, I’ll comment here: life needs its magical boxes.


  4. Some people prefer to see negativity in everything. They don’t think. This negativity, I see it everywhere. On many YouTube videos – a really good piece of music perhaps, there will always be people who vote with a thumbs down and I wonder why. To be a smart ass? Because they get off on putting someone’s creative effort down? Because they are jealous? To make the artist doubt themselves? W just have to say, oh well, and look past them. Remember all of those who did ‘get it’ and understood. Writing poetry is an art, and you do it well.


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