(Ongoing: please note, since we possibly originated in India, it is believed that the Romani would share that country’s cosmogony. After writing the first part of this poem that appeared in one of my previous books, I found this origin myth in Asian Folklore Studies and have used it as a basis for the second part of the poem)


EARTH & SKY (Small part of a larger poem)


She walks around,

A piece of living history

Hair highly teased up

Vintage dress brushing the ground


Without breaking his stride

He drops off a planet as she stargazes

They accidentally meet and she asks

Where were you? Why’d you hide?


They walk, leaning into each other

Nighttime clouds cover the stage

Neon and LEDs light the city path

Welcoming Sky Father and Earth Mother


Love measured by star time

When suns were alive

Light years away showing

Miniature worlds sublime


Eternally he gets to see

The immensity of space and time

Relationships of earth and sky

Nourishing the Universal Tree


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) appeared in

Parallel Universe Café and Other Poems



(based on Rudolf Daniel’s Myths of the Czech Gypsies)


What an unparalleled love

Mother Earth and Father Sky

Until the boys were born and grown

And fought to rule the kingdom above


Sun, Moon, Fire, Wind and Rain

Ruination by five king sons

Earth and Sky held them in

Attempting to force their refrain


But the young men fought back

Afraid they would suffocate

As the parents squeezed them together

Into a stiflingly strong narrow track


Darkness ruled the shadowed space

As Sun, Moon, Fire and Rain weakened

Wind, by far the strongest, won

Escaping from his parents’ embrace


Ripping and roaring, he tore them asunder

Earth and Sky separate forever

Her clothing settled as mountain peaks

And the sons founded realms of wonder


So many lessons we might learn

About love never truly lasting

About children needing to stretch and grow

Yet we sad humans for all this may yearn…


🙂  to be continued  🙂


© Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)





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