If you were a Seinfeld addict

You’ll remember George

Loser George

In the episode when he

Deliberately chose the opposite

Of his pre-programmed life path

Suddenly, life becomes magical

I had the opposite happen

Life full of promise

(So I thought)

Learning guitar at sixteen

Untrained but potentially successful

High soprano voice

Body strong

But suddenly skewed

By an unknown

What? Do they really know?

Blip on a spectrum

Called autism

Where social clues

And paying your dues

Were never understood

So I did the opposite

Quit guitar

Stressed out my voice

Quit school

Made the wrong marriage choice


Five decades later

Hands, voice, face

All raggedy

Start playing ukulele

Oh, I was meant for this!

Starlight, whirling planets

Moon glow, ode-to-joy-music

Life does a little tilt

In the right direction

But too late…all too late

Wish George Costanza had hit the airwaves

Back then

Because what I wanted most of all

Was to be a

Dead Head


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My ukulele Grateful Dead song book


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