Sometimes wonder

If my dogs are

One bowl of kibble

Away from feral-ness

It’s always been anarchy

In my house

Ask my kids

I was more like their sister

And the dogs

Then and now

Always knew where the

Easy tap was

In a house full of male alphas

Human and canine

And despite being a feminist

I was the nurturer, friend, advisor

The key to anarchy

Fortunately, my sons turned out ok

Fortunately, my dogs have enough kibble

Still, I sometimes worry

That if I pass out on the floor

And they can’t get out the back door

And the filled bowls of science diet

(with just a touch of sardines or eggs)

Are no more

Would they eat my face?

Would I be found

By strangers tripping over my

Severed grinning skull?

(You bonehead! Show them who’s the alpha before it’s too late!)

Aw, look at those faces

No way!


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: 3 of my 4 dogs: Bandit, Kali & RockStar