Claims of being a lone practitioner

Yet the magnetic pull to be around society

Cannot be denied

A safe haven

In the past

Was to fake being

Extrovertica falsitus

(Damn! Forgot my Latin declensions!)

This time I mean it

No more people

Just me

Practitioning alone

Sure enough

Degree 248 arose randomly

In some arcane book

Associated with Sagittarius

And the number 8

But do not care to read the reasons why

Practicing sortilege and

Observing the sky

Is enough for me

Deep down in the earthy depths

New elements are being created

Likened to inner changes

Occurring in my awareness

Will I finally mature

Grow a tougher skin

Understand that life

Is never fair yet

Always precious

Even to us non-conformists

Who so want to be accepted

But not at the price of our souls…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)



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