(Scroll down for Jimi Hendrix’s May This Be Love YouTube video)


You said we are two water spirits

Children of the sunlit sea

You, merely a reflection of the

Air temperature

But me, a hot and healing bubbling spring

And so, my sunlight is perfectly right

For the cool chasm of your soul

The one submerged

Beneath the water line

Seeking solace from the ice floes

You said, age is no consequence

To the dawn’s pink and purple light

Because, despite our chronology

You are truly the waning year

Fighting the rain in your heart

While I reach out

To life in full joy

Expecting a special gift each day

I, a wondrous child

You, aged in experience

You said, as the Knight of Cups

You will lovingly protect me,

Your Queen of Wands

Throughout time and beyond

But you, meaning you, not I

Have the water sign’s cursed mutability

While I blazed, you cooled

And then you were gone…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Fanning Springs, FL

YOUTUBE VIDEO: May This Be Love, Jimi Hendrix



  1. Thanks, Cathy. I rarely comment anymore because I seem to say the wrong thing (maybe the HFAutism, not sure). Anyway, I did make a statement that when I like someone’s post I REALLY like it, not tit-for-tatting, and hope that others know my lack of comments isn’t important. Blessed be…

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      1. Ah, I appreciate that! I get overwhelmed by all the social media, at times, and miss posts and comments also. Definitely age but also autism (so nice to have something else to blame 🙂 )

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  2. Very heartfelt poem, I liked the comparation and the Tarot card images, it was inspiring to imagine, even though the ending is kinda sad for me.


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