(why can’t I make this into a song? I hear the melody but my ukulele refuses all conjury)


Just struggled through the muck

Of someone else’s madness pit

Don’t drag me into yours

This time I promise to fight it


The coin bounced, fell tails up

Soft to hard, flowers to thorns

Raining steel fresh from the fire

But this time I’ve been forewarned


On paper, it’s so easy to stay away

Scratching words as dawn morphs into bright

But day to dusk, loneliness so wearing

Oh, how to live through those desolate nights


Battle alone

I must, I must, I must…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Siberian crater @ end of the world, Konstantin Nikolae



  1. I really like your words. I understand your dilemma. I have poetry with no music and music with no poetry. Some have lyrics whichis not the same. Some days it flows and it all fits together as long as I don’t try too hard. I just posted a piano music piece I just recorded. Always improvising. The words this time just followed and write itself in about ten minutes. It is the title of a book I’m writing about getting out of prison. I’d love your opinion. It’s on Jamie’s website.

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  2. My problem is probably due to not knowing how to read music, only chords. I have this idea that I can magically produce a song, when I know it takes years of study or an incredible talent. Began listening to your music and I encourage you to pursue it. So glad you are putting it on SoundCloud because it should be shared to a wider audience. Lovely, restful, evoking emotions in me that lie hidden. Thanks so much for posting!

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