(Annual World Water Day Poem)


Salt scent sending messages

From the Atlantic Ocean

A body of water that might be

The end of the world

Because who knows what’s really through

The vanishing point?


Fishy fragrance floating

From the green seaweed

Although the Gulf of Mexico

Has its share of redness

Also known as the Red Tide

Destroyer of manatees and fish.


Storm runoff pollutes

Sulphur Springs’ once-healing water

Filling dangerous sink holes

Sucking cars and people

Into shifting sands meant

To be a beach, not a city.


Hydroelectric power produced

By a Florida-Georgia dam

Where Lake Seminole and others

Contribute their fresh water

Lovely parks, lots of fish

Share the energizing of air conditioners.


Shallow-water well weeps

In my backyard, famous Florida aquifers

Water-filled layers of earth

Over 31,000 areas of known

Groundwater contamination

Better not get mine tested, ignorance is bliss…


*Title based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens, Parallel Universe Café and Other Poems

IMAGE: Red Tide in Florida, dailymail.co.uk




  1. I have read some of your poems and will enjoy reading more. I rarely leave comments anymore but please know that if I “like” your work, I sincerely do and am not being merely polite 🙂


    1. Definitely! Long ago and far away I saw my first Bob Dylan concert and he sang about the “pellets of poison flooding our waters” and the pellets just keep increasing…

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  2. I appreciate your reblogging so much! I have tweeted your “curation” blogs. They really fill the gaps for missing information in my education!


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