In lavender candle

Breathing in the color

Bathing in the light spectrum

Assigned the quality of wisdom


In lavender candle

Calming chaotic thoughts

Focusing on the lilac aroma

Arising from imaginary flowering fields


In lavender candle

Feeling faceted amethysts

Crystallizing my weary heart

Slowly giving way to intellectual realism


In lavender candle

Useless thoughts of you

And what could have been

Fade out into a purpling, evening sky…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)



      1. Was just calmly noting how the spell called “conjuring sanity” works with or without the beautiful detail of the aloes and how it could be some other touch …when some stranger pipes in to feng shui the spell via via nudity…
        Who is this guy?
        And I realized oh I love humans and Surrounding the lavender sanity conjuring candles with anything is unnecessary for the half with such a sweet beautiful lovley imagination and simple access to beauty and plesure.
        No wonder woman are often decorating seeking beauty and most men have no need to.
        Adds nudity.

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      2. Smiling but liking your comments so much! When I do a spell I like to have the four elements present, thus the aloes as representative of earth. Nudity…well, only when the moon is full 🙂

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      3. The 50% disregatd the times and moons and aloes for their magic in a evidently devine knowing how nudity always lies just under clothes.
        I enjoy the full moons the anticipation
        Maybe Ill do the nude tube party down the San Marcos on full moons at midnight again this summer.
        I’m inspired. : )

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    1. Ah, Waywardspirit, thank you so much for your comments and understanding. The beauty of all us poets, bloggers, artists, musicians, makes everything enchanted. Loving your words, too!

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