(for new questors during the penumbral lunar eclipse)


Coins mined from the EARTH

PENTACLES willing to teach you

The pleasures of safety in ownership

The joys of being rooted

To what we need and know


Holy Grail carrying WATER

In a pure CUP for you to learn

Things of the heart

The secret of balance amid

Raging passions drowning us in

Jealousy, hate, love


Slicing the AIR

Invisible, life-giving gases

Piercing SWORD

Mind training in the art of

Thought before action

But never over-intellectualize

The joy of life’s conundrums

And hidden indulgences


Burning with FIERY pneuma

WANDS touch your soul

So you may live in the

Spirit of Freedom

Experiencing euphoric moments of

Self-sufficiency while

Floating in the hot darkness of

Solar-centered space


Balancing body, emotions, mind and soul

Everyday lessons teach us self-control



© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Tarot Queens



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