She shines,she gleams,this lady kind, filling lost men”s dreams
watching from her ivory tower as the winds drown out their screams
she knows her light shines on them bright,hidden in the night
she knows her mantras, knows her spells,knows their souls by sight

She grieves at this,she thieves with this,she knows by intuitions
she mourns her lost, her hidden costs,behind her dark sky smiles
she”s careful to with her witches brews, her cauldron filled with guile she”s beyond her words, her bonds,her lusts. Magic bows to style

Her druids watch,their nights long lost,for this is when she rules
when hunters hunt,and killers stalk, and timelessness is cruel
what can they do, how do they move,they must protect their queen
they stay awake when others sleep, lost in their serene dreams

The Romans came,to conquer all,they ruled their known world
their latin tounge,spoke words to none,just orders made for rule
they had no choice, cloaked druids walked,under a different moon
when once they danced,uncloaked by chance,to a different tune

Their kingdom lost, usurped by choice,they watch her from afar
this killing moon,spun by Kindly Ones,from their lives was barred
when once they danced,under her light,leaving all to chance
now they sit, so silently,and never more will they once dance

They blame her not, they know her cost, they suffer in her light
It”s neither right, it”s neither wrong,it”s just their endless plight
she shines above, she rides the winds, the stars shine in her hair
below her druid sits in the dark, his life once full, now bare.

(c) 2016 Gary Smith




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