(scroll down for YouTube video)


“What’s that?” I asked excitedly

Merely 15 years old

Sipping espresso

In a coffee house

Listening to…what?

“Sounds weird” said a friend

To me it was beautiful

To me it was home

Went into the back room

Where the vinyl was played


Sitar? India?

Mesmerized by

Then Idolized

This musician

Maybe being Romani

Sharing a language

If not DNA

From India

Predisposed me

To the music

Eventually heard him

At two folk festivals

Everything else is history

George Harrison & The Beatles

Cementing his place in US music

Happy 96th Birthday

Celebrating at

Whatever gig you’re playing



© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My first Ravi Shankar Album


YouTube: An almost 20 minute video from

Monterey Pop Festival but so worth watching

Especially the audience as they wake up to his playing





    1. I was in “touching” distance of him but at that same folk festival, I hitched a ride with John Denver (who was part of the Mitchell Trio at that time) and got to know a lot of the performers 🙂

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