Something lost

From olden days

When bards invoked

Their Muse

That one-only Muse

Almost always available

For the poet alone


Now, you tell me

“Your poem made me think

I will add the idea

To my work-in-progress”

I do that, too

Writing daily poetry

With many a Muse

To draw from


We are not

Monogamously Museful

We are the techno bards

Taking our—prompts?—

From all over the world

Thanks to the internet

We have a Muse a day

Or an hour

In many languages

And cultures


No more mirroring the Romantics

Ancient Greeks or

Those loyal writers using imagination

We read a word or two

On electronic screens

Touch them and

Feel the rush that signals



Ah my Muse

Maybe one day you will return

But in the interim

I have nearly seven billion

Other Muses

At the press of a button…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Luigi Cherubini and the Muse of Lyric Poetry – Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


  1. It is true that ideas come from multiple places, Clarissa. But I still love the romantic notion of a favorite muse that inspires the majority of my best work when it comes to love. I’ll take the other muses to spark all the other topics… ha ha

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  2. So hard to understand, JW, when we lose people we love, especially one believed to be a soul mate. Positive thoughts sent your way…


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