My internet down. Apologies if you have commented on my poems. May have internet in a few days (I am at the library now). Here’s a work in progress.  Sigh…I want my internet…

Mint tea, a delight

But the plant’s invasiveness

Creates a backyard problem

An out-of-control carpet

Creeping across the ground

I’ve grown it in pots but

Perhaps it resents the

Limiting prison of


And languishes

Dramatically dying

Ignoring my attentions

Can plants be spiteful?


Demanding freedom to range

Or am I anthropomorphizing

My green friends?



  1. This is for when your internet’s back up: Yes, plants certainly do react to their environment, some being more sensitive than others. Dandelions, for example, are tough. It’s our nature as self-aware being to anthropomorphize. I see nothing wrong with that as it helps explain an environment that otherwise closes itself off from our scrutiny.


    1. Internet magically appeared this morning! Yes, you are so right Sha’Tara. Another friend posted that she once went on vacation and when returning, her favorite houseplant lost all its leaves and consequently died. She asked her brother, who house-sat, what he did and he said nothing. So she always wondered if the plant missed her. It is the tough dilemma of being vegetarian. Plants seem to be “thinking” entities also…


      1. Yes even being vegetarian (not even vegan yet) is uncomfortable. I have a crazy “secret” dream that some day I wake up and I’m a breatharian. Nothing is impossible!

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