(originally posted 2-25-16)

Two-day old crescent above the

Withlacoochee River hammocks

Not much illumination

Especially for seekers of

Cryptic or everyday


People mysteries

Involving love and life and death

But the hammocks have their own problems

As the sea level rises in this

World of climate change

Trees drown

Fish and wildlife dwindle

So maybe they all seek

Answers in their

Bowers of earth

Castles of overheated water

Crisping nests of dead leaves

No time for love when struggling

To find food and stay alive

We are kin to other species

Suffering alike

On this changing planet

Awaiting illumination

That is in a cycle of deep sleep

How to wake it up…?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Withlacoochee River Hammock



  1. Very well written. Yes, we have to keep trying. We have to push aside the corporations who profit from killing the earth which kills us as well – in so many ways. Many people skim headlines at Fox News who have debunked climate change more than any other “news?” We’re beyond the point of fixing it. It’s too late, but people hear there is still time so they do nothing. All we can do is try to minimize damage as much as possible for survival, but we can’t stop it. There is no point spending energy to blame. And people need to do more than talk and give their opinions. That is pointless. We “allowed” this to happen by being apathetic too long. Everyone needs to find a niche where they can help. The kids understand this more than the adults.

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      1. I agree. Kids see what they’ve be left with. They aren’t so gullible. You see, we’ll be dead before the worst of it.I think our “leaders” think the same thing and that is why they don’t care.

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  2. It’s hard to understand political “leaders” and Monsanto. I mean, most of them have children, grandchildren. Do they think their piles of money will keep the kids safe while the poor people die off? What are they thinking????


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